Student Centered Approach

Our educators will determine where each student would like to improve and recommend online (or offline) classes to students to help them become better learners in areas of interest.  We provide our learners with every opportunity to #LiveYourBestLife

Growth Focused

The Kindest School focuses on the belief that, if you practice a growth mindset, empathize with others, and lend a helping hand in the community, you will be a far more productive member of our global society than the ones who can score higher on a test.

Zero-Tolerance Policy

If your child is being bullied by another member of the Kindest School, a screenshot of the incident is all we need to launch an investigation. If it found, they will immediately be removed from the program for a year.


The Kindest School is currently going through the accreditation process to ensure that we maintain the highest of academic standards.


Please register to attend this online Open House, where you can meet the founder of The Kindest School, Brian Tupper, a career educator inspired to change an antiquated education system that is not meeting the standard. Those who attend our Open House will be able to sign up for a free education consultation with a member of the TKS team, in which we will share a customizable education plan based on your child’s strengths and passion for learning.

Registrants will be emailed a link to join our Open House webinar on the date that you choose, including a reminder the day prior to and an hour prior to our Open House.

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Kindest Generation: An Interactive Textbook for the 21st Century Learner

Kindest Generation & Parent-Teacher Partnership

Please fill out the form below and someone from our team will be with you very soon to ensure the future of global leaders in your community and can gain access to an interactive, unbiased, multilingual textbook, Kindest Generation for as little as $1 per learner.

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