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Kindest Generation
We adhere to the needs of 21st century learners who exhibit a growth mindset, are strong independent learners, and who are looking to strengthen their empathy for the world around them.  Our motto, “We Teach the Kindest Generation” encompasses all that we hope to achieve at The Kindest School, as each of our members will be given the opportunity to have a choice in how they learn, and a voice in what they learn.  True education comes when we allow children to take ownership in their own learning, and we help guide them to make the most of their time, by providing them with purposeful learning opportunities.
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We are happy to announce that we are able to expand our pilot program, but space is limited for the 2019/2020 school year.  Please preview our three learning programs, The Kindest Classroom, AfterClass, and The Kindest School’s College and Career Readiness Program.

The Kindest Classroom

At $9.99 Per Month

Our goal has always been to provide each member of the Kindest Generation with an opportunity to learn about what they are interested in. The Kindest Classroom offers over 1,000 lessons on demand through our user-friendly Google Classroom platform.

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TKS College & Career Readiness

At $149.99 Per Month

Families with children ages 12 and over are eligible to join our College and Career Readiness program, which helps each student create a holistic learning portfolio unique to their interests and personal goals.

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At $29.99 Per Month

Students enrolled in AfterClass will receive their own email address from and receive access to all the applications available to our students via our Google for Education Suite.  These applications include GMail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sites, and more.

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Got Any Questions?

In case, if you have any question regarding our kindest generation program, you can reach out to us at +1 (631) 578 0318

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