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Google Earth Voyager Course

Goodall, Gombe & Google

Join Dr. Jane Goodall as she takes you on a journey to Tanzania’s Gombe National Park and introduces you to some of the chimpanzees she has observed over the years, including a charming little fellow named Google.

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Climate Refugees

Environmental Science/Human Geography

The reality of climate change is affecting people around the world, with many global citizens being forced from their homes and communities because of rising sea levels. In this lesson, learn more about some of the world's first climate refugees.

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Navigating Digital Information Course

By Crashcourse

With the amount of fake and doctored photos and videos out there, how can we know what to trust?  Most of us are used to thinking that "seeing is believing" but as technology makes it easier and easier to spread unreliable content online it's more important than ever for us to read laterally, check for context, and always fact check suspicious content - even if it looks real.

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